We are excited to offer YOMI-Enabled  Dental Implant Surgery.

YOMI assists Dr. Anthony Ceccacci in planning and placing your dental implants. With YOMI, it gives Dr. Ceccacci important information on your teeth and jaws with a precise plan for your dental surgery that is personalized to you. 

 YOMI provides Dr. Ceccacci with robotic guidance during surgery.    This helps Dr. Ceccacci place your dental implants precisely for a natural look and feel.

Robotic assistance is becoming a standard of care in medicine, used to help over one million patients a year.   YOMI is the first and only system for robotic guidance for dental surgery in the United States. 

If YOMI is right for you, Dr. Ceccacci and his team will create a custom treatment plan with YOMI software.  During surgery, YOMI will assist Dr. Ceccacci and provide important information that he can feel, hear and see.