Snap On Veneers – Removable Veneers For Beautiful, Natural Smile


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What Are Snap-On Veneers?


Snap-on veneers are a removable choice to conventional dental veneers. They come as a very convenient, affordable cosmetic dental solution for those who want to cover up yellow teeth, gapped or missing teeth as well as stained teeth and crooked teeth, and gain a natural-looking smile.

Your smile is often a key element in making a great first impression, whether you need to attend a business meeting, or simply go to a grocery store. Nowadays, everybody agrees that good looking smile plays an important part in how people perceive you and think about you. It is also beneficial for your confidence.

Snap-On Veneers Are Known As


When speaking with your dentist or in everyday life you may encounter different names for snap-on veneers:

  1. removable veneers
  2. clip-on veneers
  3. temporary veneers
  4. snap-on teeth

Additionally, they may go under their brand name – widespread dental snap-on veneers brands are Snap-On Smile, Secret Veneers, Trusmile Veneers, etc…

How Do Snap-On Veneers Look Like?


Snap-on veneers are made of a material called acrylic plastic. Usually called clip on veneers, they are made to clip onto your existing teeth like a thin layer of plastic.

The material used in these removable veneers is particularly strong, yet also flexible and adaptable sufficient to allow for movement as you talk or chew food. This makes it possible for you to use your natural teeth-cutting force when eating without worrying about breaking your dental snap-on veneer during a meal or snack.

Why Should You Choose Removable, Snap-On Veneers?


As a type of cosmetic teeth covers, snap-on veneers are considered a fast, affordable, and convenient way to solve visible existing teeth dental problems quickly.

Clients opt for snap-on veneers for multiple dental issues:

  • to cover up yellow teeth
  • to correct discoloration
  • to cover up gapped teeth
  • to revise crooked teeth
  • to cover up missing tooth

Who Is a Good Candidate For Removable Veneers?


These patients may be perfect candidates for snap-on veneers:

  • patients whose natural teeth are not white anymore
  • patients with missing tooth (teeth)
  • patients who wish to cover up gapped teeth
  • those who want a more suitable choice to conventional veneers
  • patients who want to have a removable option
  • those who aspire to have a beautiful smile

On the other hand, you should not choose clip-on veneers if:

  • you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • you face oral health problems such as a cavity, deep cracks in the tooth, gum disease
  • you underwent certain dental restorations (crowns, loose-fitting veneers)

The Main Snap-On Veneers Benefits


  • they cost less compared to traditional veneers
  • the process is fairly simple
  • these veneers are completely removable
  • this is a reversible cosmetic dental process
  • they are easy to apply and remove
  • a great solution while healing from oral surgery

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Snap-On Veneers VS Traditional Veneers


When speaking about snap-on veneers, there are several reasons and situations in which patients prefer them over traditional veneers:

  • they are more affordable compared to traditional veneers
  • snap-on veneers are very thin and lightweight, meaning they do not feel “bulky” when you bite down on them as traditional dental veneers might feel like
  • they also do not demand anesthesia for placement or removal
  • clip-on veneers are a great solution when you want to get a beautiful smile without surgery
  • they are preferable when you want to solve a certain dental cosmetic problem such as crooked teeth, yellow teeth, or gapped teeth with an affordable, cost-effective option

Frequently Asked Questions


Do clip-on veneers look fake?

If we would compare traditional veneers with snap-on veneers, removable veneers may not appear as natural. The main reason lies in the fact that they are made of a material called acrylic resin. Acrylic resin is less clear than porcelain.

Another problem may exist in the teeth’ color. This is the explanation why snap-on veneer dental companies deliver numerous coloring choices to choose from in order to achieve the closest appearance and color of your natural teeth.

Can you eat with snap-on veneers?

It varies, but most dental companies say they produce snap-on veneers you can eat with. However, you need to be careful not to bite down on anything too hard or chew on anything too tough.

Snap-on veneers are very strong and they won’t break when you bite down on something hard, but they can get damaged if you try to chew through something thick or tough with them on.

You should bear in mind, still, that eating and drinking with removable veneers may wear them off, meaning you may need to change them frequently.


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How long do snap on-veneers last?


Snap-on veneers are also known as a temporary, semi-permanent dental option for your teeth, which indicates they eventually must be removed. The average last of snap-on veneers is around one year.

Veneers for missing teeth – are snap-on veneers a good solution?


It depends on the company you are buying snap-on veneers from. In most cases, they should be a good option for missing teeth, but you should always talk to your dental professional about various options and solutions suitable for your specific dental problem.

How are snap-on veneers cleaned?


To wash snap-on veneers, remove them and rinse them entirely before usage under running water.

If you believe there are remains left inside, use a smooth toothbrush to gently clear it.

Snap-On Veneers Cost


There are various companies on the market offering snap-on veneers. But, how much are snap-on veneers, and is there an average price? The average cost varies from $300 to $1,000 for high-quality snap-on veneers.

As you can conclude, the cost ranges, and depends on your needs and individual approach.

In some cases, insurance providers may pay for your dental snap-on veneer costs. The best way to find out whether you can get snap-on veneers covered by insurance is to contact your insurance provider and find out more about a payment plan.