Our goal is to support oral health, educate clients about hygiene, and protect natural teeth.

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To maintain oral health, stay on top of the following: 

  • Regular dentistry visits for check-ups 
  • Preventative care, including oral examinations and cleaning. 

Even if your oral care is of a high standard, the teeth and gums can still be susceptible to infection, disease, cavities, cracks, and other minor issues. 

Comprehensive examinations of the mouth, teeth, gum tissues, and supporting bone structures can detect early signs of problematic conditions that can be cared for with simple treatments. 

Restorative dentistry helps preserve teeth and overall oral health when one or more teeth are compromised. Our main objective with restorative dentistry is to restore the tooth’s functionality, integrity, and structure while maintaining a naturalistic impression.  

At Madison Avenue Smiles, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, meaning we pay close attention to the teeth’s health, function, and aesthetics. We want our patients to maintain excellent oral health and feel confident when showing the city their smile.



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