Our technology

ATP38 Miracle

Photo biomodulation, or Low Light Level Therapy (LLLT), transmits natural wavelengths to stimulate cells in the regeneration processes. 

The wave absorption, produced by phototherapy by components of the cellular respiratory chain, stimulates the fabrication of molecules in ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) form.

C3 HD3 Multipurpose Scanner

Medical professionals love the high portability, easy of use, and high-definition imaging of the Clarius C3 HD3 multipurpose scanner for full body imaging up to 40 cm. It’s the leading choice for medical professionals looking for premium imaging in an affordable scanner. Artificial intelligence, specialized presets and customizable workflows automatically optimize imaging for a seamless experience.

YOMI Experience a New Level of Care

Yomi is a robotic guidance tool for surgery. The Yomi assists doctors in placing dental implants precisely for a natural look and feel. 

Light Walker – Fotona

Hard and Soft-Tissue Dental Lasers are designed to perfect the dental experience by offering 100% accuracy. The Light Walker laser stands as the most advanced laser technology in the dental industry to perfect multiple procedures like implantology, oral surgery, and conservative dentistry.


Trios 3 Wireless is an intraoral scanner created to increase patient engagement preview restorative and orthodontic treatment results. The scanner is the first of its kind and acts as a supporting tool for Doctors to educate patients on their dental circumstances. 

CS 1500

The CS 1500 is our recommended communication tool that provides incredible visual evidence to educate and offer a precise diagnosis to patients. 

CS 3600

The CS 3600 is the tool that provides clinical excellence. This tool has intuitive, accurate scanning and the power to create life-like full HD 3D images that aid in achieving the best clinical results for patients. 

CS 9600 CBCT Scanner

A five-in-one CBCT scanner with Immaculate precision. The CS 9600 CBCT Scanner is scalable, intelligent, and offers crystal clear imaging, AI-powered positioning, which helps Dentists provide patients with effortless consistent results. 

Zubler DC1 Pro Milling Unit CAD/CAM Dentistry

CAD/CAM stands for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Milling (CAM). 3D images can be uploaded into special CAD software, allowing the Dentist to evaluate the exact details of the appearance and function of the restoration. This software can also help the patient visualize the proposed restoration’s final result.
Once the design is finalized, files are sent to the CAM system for fabrication of the restoration to the exact specifications of the design.
CAD/CAM technology increases efficiency and accuracy and can often reduce the number of patient visits needed.

VHF R5 – High Definition Dental Milling System

With the R5 – a new high-end machine for the dental laboratory – vhf has developed a highly automated milling and grinding machine that brings revolutionary approaches to the lab along with a ten-fold blank changer for wet and dry machining. In a minimal footprint, it combines utmost precision with maximum stability and is capable of handling any material.

Formlab® 3D Printer

With our Formlab® 3D Printer, our doctors can use specialized software to create 3D surgical guides that help facilitate the implant planning process.
Formlab® 3D Printer helps our dentists visualize the precise location and depth for the placement of dental implants, facilitating minimally invasive implant placement.

NextDent 5100 

The NextDent 5100 is powered by Figure 4 technology and facilitates high-speed 3D printing to produce dental appliances and sacrificial castings. A revolutionary solution that is industry-defining, best-in-class, and accessible to all labs and clinics. 

3Shape TRIOS 3 3D Digital Impressions

In addition to being much more comfortable for the patient, using the scanner allows us to be more efficient and accurate, resulting in reduced visits to the office, saving the patient time.



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